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Dolfi Trost
(1916-1966) Surrealist writer

Dolfi or Dolphi Trost (1916, Brăila–1966, Chicago, Illinois) was a Romanian surrealist poet, artist, and theorist, and the instigator of entopic graphomania. Together with Gherasim Luca, he was the author of Dialectique de la dialectique (1945). He also authored a work entitled Le même du même.

In 1941, Trost and Luca were among the founders of the Bucharest group of surrealists, which also included Gellu Naum, Paul Păun, and Virgil Theodorescu.

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Vision Dans le Cristal
Oniromancie Obsessionnelle

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Eloge de Malombra
Eloge de Malombra
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Eloge de Malombra
Dialectique de la Dialectique
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Eloge de Malombra
Librement Mecanique
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