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Marcel Janco
(1895-1984) Painter

Name also spelt: Marcel Iancu

Born 24 May 1895 in Bucharest.
Died 21 April 1984 near Tel Aviv, Israel.

Self portrait

Janco, along with his brothers JULES JANCO/IANCU and GEORGES JANCO/IANCU, were Romanian Jews who went to Zurich in 1916 with TRISTAN TZARA and ARTHUR SEGAL, where they were involved in founding the Dada Movement.

In later life, Janco lived in Israel, where he died, and where a Janco Dada Museum now exists. The Foundation has one of Janco’s watercolours.

Portrait of Lucian Blaga
Portrait of Ion Vinea
Cover of 'Mårturia unei Generatii Masti da Marcel Ianco' by F. Aderca