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Nadia Gray
(1923-1994) Actress

Born Nadia Kujnir-Herescu in Bucharest, she left Romania for Paris in the late 1940s to escape the Communist takeover after World War II. Her film debut was in L'Inconnu d'un soir in 1949. Perhaps her most well-known role was in the Frederico Fellini masterpiece La dolce vita in 1960.

She was first married to Constantin Cantacuzino, one of Romania's top fighter aces of the war and an aristocrat, possibly a prince, from 1946 to his death in 1958. Her second husband was Manhattan attorney Herbert Silverman. They were married from 1967 to her death in 1994. She had no children. She died in New York.

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Nadia Gray with Vittorio De Sica



On the front cover of
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