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Neagu Djuvara
((1916-2018) Philosopher and historian

We are sad to note the passing of a friend, colleague and long-time correspondent of Mia Prodan.
NEAGU DJUVARA (1916-2018)

The Romanian philosopher and historian Neagu Djuvara died on the 25th of January 2018, at the age of 101. Djuvara became a Doctor of law in Paris in 1940 and gained his Ph.D. in philosophy in Paris in 1972. Djuvara’s father was of Aromanian (Vlach) stock. His mother was the last surviving member of the ancient, aristocratic, Romanian Gradisteanu family. Djuvara left Romania in 1944 with a diplomatic mission in Stockholm and lived in exile for 45 years until the Romanian revolution in 1989, when he returned to his country. 

In Paris after the Second World War he was the secretary of the Commitee of Assistance for Romanian Refugees. He later spent 23 years in in North West Africa, in Niamey, Niger, as a diplomatic advisor. 

On his return to Bucharest in 1989 he became associate-professor at the University of Bucharest, until 1998.

He wrote over 20 books of philosophy, history and memoirs.

His book Civilisations and Historical Laws. Essay of Comparative Studies on Civilizations, published in Paris in 1975, received an award from the Academie Francaise.

The above images are from Neagu Djuvara’s book 444 De Fragmente Memorabile Ale Lui about Mia Prodan, with a photograph of her as a young woman, and the cover of the book. Please click to enlarge.